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Will Doom Eternal be the best-ever first-person shooter?

Doom pretty much kick-started the whole first-person shooter phenomenon. Ever since the title came to our screens way back in 1993, we have seen no end of other games that attempt to cash in on Doom’s claustrophobic feel, ultra-gory graphics and awesome gameplay. Whilst franchises like Halo and Counter Strike have put in a pretty good challenge, it seems that there’s life in Doom yet, as Doom Eternal will be released in 2019.

The title follows up from the well-received Doom reboot that was released in 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Doom Eternal will be released for the same platforms, but there will also be an option for Nintendo Switch users to join in the blood-spattered fun.

Whilst details are still scared about the first-person shooter, the internet has slowly been filling up with some interesting rumours about Doom Eternal. The recent QuakeCon showed off the full reveal of the title and there has also been a fascinating gameplay video.

Both of these showed how there will be some cool new moves that include wall-climbing, and you can also enjoy blasting demons into oblivion thanks to some upgraded weaponry that includes shoulder-mounted flamethrowers and an awesome new arm blade. We also like the look of the Ballista weapon that has an explosive bolt, whilst the Super Shotgun has a great meat hook that can also be used for grappling.

The action won’t just be restricted to Mars, as you will also get chance to wreak havoc on the Martian moon of Phobos. In terms of demons, it looks like you won’t be lacking as there are meant to be twice as many of these monsters in Doom Eternal. So get ready to face down Spiderdemons, Hell Knights and Imps, plus there will also be even more fearsome Arachnotrons and Marauders for you to dispatch.

What’s particularly interesting is that it looks like there will be improved damage modelling on these fearsome foes too.This will demand that you have to get a little more tactical in the way you take on the demons, as you won’t just have to rely on blasting their hit-boxes in order to defeat them.

All of these things sound pretty impressive, but it remains to be seen what kind of multiplayer options will appear in the new Doom. Rival games like CSGO have greatly benefited from the team-based mayhem, and there are now even betting resources like that allow you to wager on the fortunes of star Counter Strike teams in esports. At the moment, it looks like the closest thing that you can get to this in Doom Eternal is the interesting invasion mechanic that allows you to walk in on other players’ sessions.

This is all part of iD Software’s plan to expand the franchise to become more of a Doom universe than a single straight-ahead game. By allowing players to play as a demon can cause hell for their competitors, it marks a significant upgrade for the title and it will be interesting to see where the franchise goes from here.

Other important information learned includes the fact that the game’s soundtrack will once again be composed by Mick Gordon so you can expect to be accompanied by all-manner of chilling sonics. In addition to this, it looks like there will be an interesting extra lives system that will allow you to die and not have to go all the way back to the last checkpoint. All of which sets up Doom Eternal to be one of 2019’s biggest titles.



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