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Twin:Charge 4 and Twin:Charge X Review

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to review the Charge:Tower Pro units for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 courtesy of Snakebyte. While we commended both units as being excellent storage solutions and dual charging units, we indicated that it came at a cost: space. As more and more people move towards a completely digital library, the need for towers to hold games is becoming less and less necessary. Enter an alternative product from Snakebyte: the Twin:Charge 4 for PlayStation 4 and the Twin:Charge X for Xbox One.

While many companies over the last number of years have released dual charging stations, Snakebyte looked at the market and asked themselves, “How can we be different, despite providing the same service?” The answer was right in front of them the whole time. Instead of creating a product that was a standalone, away from the system accessory, Snakebyte created a product that can sit right next you your system, and not look out of place.

By examine the design of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Snakebyte creates their product in the exact likeliness of the console they are paired with. In a world of increasingly fancier entertainment units, system owners want a unified look to their television area, and these chargers from Snakebyte fit right in place. LED lights on the front of the units indicate the charge level, and are easy to see even when sitting on the couch.

The ease of use and low profile design means these units can even be used in tighter spaces. The controllers nicely slide into their ‘seats’ on an angle, eliminating the need to have a ton of overhead space that a vertical placement would require. While the PS4 controllers sit directly on the base, the Xbox One units to require a larger battery pack to enable charging and playing. Thankfully, however, this pack is no more intrusive than the regular cover and a set of AA batteries would. Even the  weight is similar.

There are a lot of these types of products on the market, but from what we’ve seen, only Snakebyte has taken the time to analyze the builds of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and modeled their Twin:Charge stands in the same vein. The matching look of the stand to the console means that whether you use the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version, it will match you console! Heck, Snakebyte even created a white Xbox One controller stand to match the Xbox One S! That is true dedication, and proves Snakebyte cares about the products they produce.


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