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Snakebyte Offering Many Switch Accessories

Video game accessory maker Snakebyte have launched a number of products for the Nintendo Switch, and were nice enough to send over some samples for us to look at. While I’m fairly picky about the accessories I purchase – and frankly, who I purchase them from – I was very impressed with the items Snakebyte had to offer. Although I’m not as familiar with this brand as I am with other popular brands, I extended the same reviewing courtesy to these as I would anything else. And to be honest, Snakebyte is doing something with their peripherals that other companies just aren’t!

Snakebye Carrying Bag (Case)

I figured I’d get the disappointing Snakebyte accessories out of the way, right away. To call this product a disappointment is a bit much perhaps, but for a similar price point I think you can get items with more storage and which are more aesthetically pleasing. The Snakebyte light grey material is very classy, so if you want to avoid the, “Oh look, he/she is a gamer” when carrying your Switch, this would actually be a nice addition. I could also see this being a benefit in a business setting where the Switch might be your subway entertainment, but you also have to maintain a aura or professionalism. The design of this item really does come down to personal preference.

Because I won’t advertise another company on this review, I’ll just say I prefer a different carrying case for when I’m out and about. My wife, however, prefers this one, despite the lacking features. While the case does sport a zipper pocked on the front to store accessories (ear buds, charging cables, games, etc) it doesn’t have a specific spots for specific things. That’s an issue for me – as I like everything very organized – but a complete non-problem for my wife. She enjoys the classy look and the soft feel. To each their own!

Snakebtye Starter Kit

Starter kits are way more valuable than most people think, and while the separate components of a starter case – regardless of the company – are not always the highest quality and grade, they do provide a lot, for a little. The same can be said for Snakebyte’s starter case. Most starter kits contain the same basic items – screen protector, game carrying case, micro fibre cleaning cloth, ear buds, and thumb grips – I found the quality of Snakebyte’s kit to be at least the same – and in some cases, even better – than the competition. I also appreciate the hard case, as opposed to the soft case most other companies are going with in their kits.

The Snakebyte Starter Kit fits everything inside the beautiful black, hard shell case. When your items are inside, you know they are going to be protected against everything. While I wouldn’t suggest throwing your Switch around inside the case, I did have a few instances where the kids dropped it while walking, and even sat on it. Had this been my soft case, we might have been dealing with a few problems. But as a hard shell case, everything inside was protected.

Outshining the Rest: Snakebyte Headset

Before I get too in depth here, I want to point out that the Snakebyte headset is not a revolutionary, all powerful headphone unit. I’d argue that is not the purpose. Instead, Snakebyte have developed a headset with better than average audio drivers – 40mm in each – and tons of portability and shareability. We’ll touch on the sharing aspect later, but for now will focus on the portability.

The Nintendo Switch is as much a home console as it is a portable handheld unit, and know one wants to take their switch on the go with a large headset drapped around their necks or stuff into their backpacks. Enter Snakebyte’s solution. These headphones easily fold down to less than half the original size, and easily slide into the included micro fibre carrying bag. The bag does a great job of protecting the headphones, and can take a fair bit of abuse. I’ll explain.

The only negative I would point out about this set is that is seems to be aimed at kids. If you are use to over-the-ear headphones, you won’t want to use these as they will rest on your hears, as opposed to being all encompassing. I don’t mind them, but because of their size, I’ve had my 7 year old son use them when playing in the car. We took these on a lengthy vacation trip where he played many hours of the Nintendo Switch, and the headphones were used, and frankly – as you might expect from a 7 year old – abused.

They held up fantastically.

These things were thrown, dropped, and (while in their bag) stepped on, and despite a few scratches, they are no worse for wear, and functioning as good as ever. This specific set is VERY kid friendly.

Shareability is huge in my house. With two young boys, the younger always wants to mimic the eldest, which often results in a lot of fighting over items. Using the pass through support of the headset – where another headset can plug into the cup of the Snakebyte set so audio is shared – was a feature I wasn’t appreciative of initially, but definitely am now. When the Switch went away and the kids moved onto a Netflix movie on the iPad, using the pass through feature was phenomenal. Both kids could have their own headset, and hear the audio individually. Yes, a simple splitter would essentially do the same thing, but that’s yet another item you worry about packing, and nor forgetting.

I still argue the Snakebyte headset is aimed at a younger audience, but with a better than expected driver setup, and decent comfort even when resting on your ears, it’s a great solution for anyone taking their Switch on the go.





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