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Mario Sports Superstars – 5 Sports in 1 Game! (Video)

The 3DS is one of my all-time favorite systems. I play it every single day. I’m happy that Nintendo is continuing to put out new games for it. In fact, Mario Sports Superstars is coming out next week! Nintendo released a new trailer for it today.

Mario Sports Superstars is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on March 24th! I am really excited for this game.

Why am I so excited for a Mario Sports game? I’m not even a sports fan. But Mario Sports looks to bring a lot of fun to the sport’s game genre. There is not one, but five sports included in Superstars. I’m especially interested in Golf, Baseball, and Horse Racing (what?!). I will keep an open mind about Soccer and Tennis.

The Mario Sports Superstars mashup of Mario characters and sports just screams fun. Pick a sport, pick a character, and then go off into the mushroom kingdom for some crazy sports action. I’m hoping that Mario Sports Superstars turns out to be a great game! hopes to have a review of Mario Sports Superstars for you this month! Please keep an eye out for it and other Mario articles in the future.


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