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LEGO Worlds – Almost At Our Review

Although LEGO Worlds might lack story content, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. When I did my first impressions article on LEGO Worlds, I had accumulated around 20 gold bricks and a few great prebuilds. Now at almost 100 gold bricks, my impressions of the game are close to being finalized.

Early on, I was getting fairly frustrated getting gold bricks, but that was until I nailed down a system for finding chests throughout the world. When walking over your randomly generated maps, beacons of light will come from the sky and touch down somewhere on the ground. Each coloured beacon has a specific item or location where it hits the ground, whether its a character with a mission, your space ship, a city, or most importantly, a chest. Chests are important as they house a number of key things: items that other quests will require – bows, food, etc. – quick build sets that you can use when creating your own worlds, and gold bricks.

Initially, trying to locate these chests was pretty difficult, especially if they were below ground. Finding a cave entrance, and then searching through the various paths, was time consuming and frustrating. That was until I remembered my landscape tool, however. Now, I find where the beacon of light hits the ground, using the landscape tool, and start digging straight down until the chest appears. I was able to open more than 30 chests within a thirty minute period, half of which usually contained a gold brick. My trek to 100 gold bricks seemed to be set.

Unfortunately, once you get your last gold brick item – the jet pack – the number of bricks available for you to collect severely diminishes, meaning collecting bricks 81-100 so that you can build your own world becomes incredibly frustrating. This is the reason why our review is not complete: we have NOT tried building our own world because we are short a few gold bricks, which we cannot seem to find quickly. Getting from 20 bricks to 80 was accomplished in an afternoon. Getting from 81-93 (where I currently sit) took me a number of days, with no end in sight.

Once again it is the little things that are frustrating me here. I just want to build my own world, especially since I have so many quick build sets and road pieces to get a bustling city off the ground quickly. However, until  I find those last 7 bricks, I’ll have to wait. Sadly, after 80, the bricks no longer appear in chests, which means the only way to get them is through quests.

Despite all my aggravations, LEGO Worlds is a phenomenal experience. When it works – about 85-90% of the time, with no frame rate issues or world loading problems – the game is phenomenal and easily deserves a 9.0 – 9.5/10. However, when it’s not, it can be incredibly frustrating. Moving from a disk copy of the game to digital copy helped minimize world loading problems, but they still pop up from time to time.

As of right now, despite the minor issues, we highly recommend LEGO Worlds. Stay tuned later this week for a full review! We are confident that the game will get a stability patch soon, which is how we will approach our final score.


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