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How to Change Your Skin in Minecraft

Minecraft continues to be as popular as ever, so it’s not surprising that players want to upgrade the appearance of their characters and thus stand out from the crowd. If you are new to Minecraft, you may not be aware of the fact that you can play as someone more interesting than the default character Steve. Wearing blue pants and a green T-shirt he surely is nothing too exciting. You can always see the way a character looks by pressing F5. Fortunately, the question of how to change your skin in Minecraft can be answered easily!

Using the In-Game Skin Chooser

The first option you have if you want to change your skin in Minecraft is to open the skin chooser directly in the game. It is obviously the easiest way when you play the game on your computer but it is also the most limited one. You can display the skin-choosing feature by simply clicking on the hanger icon that can be found on the title screen underneath the default character.

The majority of different skins offered in the game can be installed for free but there are also a number of those that can be chosen only in exchange for Minecraft coins. If you look at all the skins, those that have to be bought have a lock icon on them.

While the in-game skin alternatives are better than the default character, if you want something more unique and interesting, you can always download Minecraft skins for Windows by visiting specialized sites. At this moment, there are plenty of them on the web to suit everyone’s preferences.

Get the Best Minecraft Skins from the Web

Are you still determined to know how to change Minecraft skin to the one you will actually enjoy? In this case, it is a great idea to visit sites that offer you a wide variety of skins so you can find something that will truly reflect your mood and make you want to play even more. One of the sites that are worth visiting if you want to choose skins from a wide variety of different variants is

While the process of getting skins from the web rather than using the ones offered to you in the game takes more steps, it is still quite straightforward and simple. To get the skins, all you should do is:

  • Browse through the collection available at the site and find those you like by entering the character’s name in the search bar or looking through the categories;
  • Download the skins of your choosing to the computer. The skins in Minecraft are available in PNG format and you can save them to whatever folder is most convenient for you.
  • After you download the skins, you should log in to the official Minecraft website.
  • When you open your profile, you should open the folder in which you store your downloaded Minecraft skins by clicking the Browse button. Once you chose the needed skins on PC, press Upload.
  • Give the new skins a try by logging into your Minecraft account. By pressing F5 at any moment during the game, you will be able to see the improved character. It should be noted that you have to exist and enter the game again if you have been in it so that the changes could be applied.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to play your new character in a matter of minutes!


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