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Pokemon Trading Card Game – Team Up Expansion Review

While fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game continue to clamour for new cards and expansions, The Pokemon Company International continues to invest in the franchise and creates new and unique ways to play the game. It began with EX and GX cards, and has blossomed from there; with the latest expansion, the PTCG is now implementing dual Pokemon cards, or more appropriately, Tag-Team cards. Let’s dive in!

Here is a full description of the new cards from The Pokemon Company International official website,

Pokémon pair up for unprecedented power in new TAG TEAM cards coming to the Pokémon TCG! With enormous HP and huge attacks, these Pokémon duos are ready to go the distance in any big battle. Plus, every TAG TEAM is a Pokémon-GX, so they all have an awesome GX attack. Protect them at all costs, because when your TAG TEAM is Knocked Out, your opponent takes three Prize cards!

We had the opportunity to review the entire set via a booster box sent to us by The Pokemon Company International; you can see an unboxing of some of those cards below:

The cards themselves are beautiful to look at, and impressive to play with as well. With high hit points and high attack values, they could easily turn the tide of battle if played at the right time! These cards are powerful, but also incredibly useful, which is key to a good, strong Pokemon card. And whether you play the game or not, you cannot help but admire the artwork on the Magikarp & Wailord card, as well as the Gengar & Mimikyu card (seen below).

Personal favourites of mine, however, have to be the Latias & Latios GX cards, seen below. While both cards are identical in their hit points, attack damage, and GX ability, the artwork on each is unique and beautifully done, making them a rare find for collectors! The catch with all these cards, however, is that they need to be protected at all times. Lose one of your Tag-Team cards, and your opponent takes not one, not two, but three prizes, bringing them that much closer to victory.

Also launching alongside the booster packs are brand new themed decks headlined by Charizard (Relentless Flame) and Blastoise (Torrential Cannon). We will have a full review on how well these decks work in a competitive setting in just a little while, so stay tuned for that!

We will have more on the Pokemon Trading Card Game Team Up expansion in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to for more!


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