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PDP and Kingdom Hearts the Perfect Match

With the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3, companies around the globe have been working to capatalize on the hype by launching a plethora of accessories and toys associated with the franchise. Performance Design Products was no different, launching an Xbox One wired controller, a Keyblade Replica, and 4 Pixel Pals! Let’s dive into these!

Wired Kingdom Hearts Controller

When you look at the wired Kingdom Hearts controller from PDP, you know exactly what you are looking at. It looks just like a Microsoft branded controller would look like – outside of the 10 ft cable – but this one is adorned with the Kingdom Hearts 3 logo in the middle, and small Mickey heads and Kingdom Hearts logos in a pattern across the rest of the device.

And like other PDP controllers, you can also use the controller application hub that makes the PDP controllers so much better. We wrote about it at length before, but here is what we believe is the most important aspect of it,

With an easy to use interface, you will be able to select colours, rumble strength, map to the multi-function wheels on the back of each controller, and create specific profiles for specific games. The best part about the configurations you set up is that they are NOT locked to your system. If you can access your Gamertag on another system, you can access your configurations.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Replica

Although I haven’t received my Keyblade yet in the mail, this is another great example of Square Enix partnering with a fantastic company to bring their most iconic items to life. While this won’t have much use outside of being a great collectable for fans, or perhaps for a cosplay costume, there is still value in this 39.99 product!

Kingdom Hearts Pixel Pals

As we have said many times in the past, there is nothing like having a few Pixel Pals on your shelf to display for all to see, and in my opinion, adding a bit of Disney flare to the shelf is never a bad idea. Enter the fantastically detailed Pixel Pals for the Kingdom Hearts series, featuring series mainstays Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mickey!

We have written about Pixel Pals extensively in the past, and highly recommend them as collectables, and even as nightlights for your kids! How ever you decide to use them, they are an incredibly affordable and aesthetically pleasing item to own!


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