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Multiple Farming Modes in Pure Farming 2018

According to Polish developer and publisher, Techland, their upcoming farming simulation game, Pure Farming 2018, will have up to three different modes for players to work through. On top of their early announcement that farm owners could have 4 farms going at once, in 4 different countries, the company is now detailing some of their other ways to play. Check out the descriptions below!

My First Farm – This game mode serves as an introduction into the game and teaches the ins and outs of farming.  There will be plenty of opportunities to learn how to use farming machinery and harvest crops through a variety of objectives and helpful tips.

Farming Challenges – Consisting of 20 hour-long scenarios, this game mode will challenge players with several extreme situations that farmers around the world may sometimes experience.  Players will have to survive through a drought, save their crops from fire, endure a locust infestation and more.

Free Farming mode – Complete freedom is given to players in this mode allowing them to run the farm in their own way.  All equipment will be available to purchase from the start and as long as you have the money coming in there is no stopping players from creating a global farming empire.

You can see the trailer below:

Check out Pure Farming 2018 when it launches this March! We will have previews and a review leading up to launch day!


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