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LEGO 10715: Bricks on a Roll Review

To celebrate 60 years of LEGO, the LEGO Group has launched a number of LEGO brick starter sets, themed in a specific way, which includes a booklet of building ideas. The concept here is to bring LEGO back to its roots: a box of  blocks and a kid – or adult – with an imagination and knack for building great things! The Bricks on a Roll set from LEGO boasts 442 pieces of rolling fun, themed around wheels. Despite not having the flashy franchise of LEGO City, LEGO Creator, or other themed sets, Bricks on a Roll stands alone very well, and adds a number of harder to find items to your LEGO collection, all for 29.99 USD.

Title: Bricks on a Roll     Set #: 10715     Pieces: 442     Ages: 3-99

The colourful nature of both the box everything is packed in, as well as the blocks inside, will instantly become enticing for LEGO fans. The great price of 29.99 will also be a big drawing feature, as it comes in slightly lower than other 400+ LEGO sets available on the market. Sure, it lacks that AAA franchise Theme – no NINJAGO, Star Wars, or other here – but I definitely can see many adults purchasing this for their kids, because of the nostalgia it will definitely bring. Before their was Ninjago and Star Wars, there was blocks. Just a plain ‘ol box of blocks; and it was loved by millions around the world. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate 60 years than to release sets like this!

Bricks on a Roll is has a bit of everything, including wheels of all shapes and sizes – from regular truck wheels, to wagon wheels, to small wheels for cars – a variety of blocks in a number of different shapes, a handy booklet that will get the imaginative juices flowing with a number of building instruction examples.

The book has a few vehicles that you can build, and references for more building ideas. When playing with my two boys, we build a car and camper trailer, wheelchair, horse and buggy, ice cream cart, and a motorcycle. These building examples allowed my two young kids – 8 and 4 – to understand how the different wheels and axels could be used to create new and unique vehicles. I seemingly looked away for only a few minutes, only to come back to a monster truck pulling a flatbed wagon, with a small car on the wagon.

Depending on your LEGO collecting habits and desire, this 400+ piece set might have an other purpose in the long term; at least, it did for me. I’ve been working on creating and building behicles for a LEGO City I’m working on building down in my basement, and the one thing I’ve come to realize is: you can never have enough wheels and car part accessories. Trailer hitches, for example, always come in LEGO City sets that I ultimately want to keep together, but this also limits my creative instincts. Since this set is just a box of blocks, I know have a trailer hitch at my disposal. I see a truck and 18 Wheeler camping trailer in my future!

Understandably, Bricks on a Roll lacks the flash of more established LEGO franchises and sets, and likely will be looked over by many consumers. However, I’m here to tell you that after hours of playing with this with my two boys, it would have been well worth the purchase! Go out and grab this amazing set for just 29.99!



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