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PUBG Isn’t the Prettiest, But It Is Fun – Impressions

Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been a huge hit on the PC, and console fans had been waiting a long time for that experience to make its way over to the Xbox One. In late 2017, Microsoft announced the game would be launching on the Xbox One X, and the company even gave away copies of the game for those purchasing an Xbox One system over the holidays. The player count in PUBG has been phenomenal from day one, and getting into matches has been a cinch! What do we think of the experience as a whole? Find out more below!

Tackling the Problem

If you’ve gone onto YouTube to look up PUBG videos, you might be in for a real shock, and you might take a double look to make sure you searched for the correct thing. PUBG on the Xbox One does not look like an Xbox One quality title, and even the group over at Xbox would probably admit that. Textures are bland, colours are incredibly muted, and the world is definitely not something you’d want to explore and take, like you would in Call of Duty, or other shooter experiences. The graphics will definitely be a deterrent for many, and while I can respect that – after all, we all bought Xbox One X units for good graphics, not something all would consider sub par – I do hope people give PUBG a chance, because….

Pure Fun

Attempting to be the last man standing in this battle royale experience is just a lot of fun. I don’t care about how bad the game looks, or that the environments are boring and bland. I care about being the last survivor, doing whatever it takes to be #1. And with that goal in mind, I think PUBG is incredibly successful. You will creep and crawl, and ultimately loot your way to victory, at times only having to take one life! The game is exhilarating, and the tensions are definitely high. When walking up to a house, for example, with the doors open, you quickly understand one of two things: either someone has already looted the place and left, or someone is inside at that moment.

It’s the strategy that kept bringing me back for match after match. I quickly learned that closing doors behind me was a good strategic move, especially if I wanted to lure someone into the house I was staking out in. On top of doing that, being aware of what the game is telling you is also important. The longer the game lasts, the smaller the playing field gets, requiring players to stay within a set boundary lest they get instantly killed and booted from the game. At times, balancing a stealth , cautious approach only works until you realize you have 200 yards to sprint across just to stay in the game. Then begins a frantic dash through open fields that, well, is really never advised.

You can always do something different in PUBG, and no strategy is going to work on a consistent basis. That’s what makes coming back to this title so much fun. Even when you do lose, getting out of one game and into another is incredibly easy.

Looting Was Never So…Interesting

The number of items you will find lying around as you explore the map of PUBG is phenomenal, and if you choose to take the time during the game to deck our your character in some wacky outfits, you definitely can. That being said, the wide variety of weapons and items that you can find in PUBG is another way the developers keep each game fresh, despite always playing on the same map. As I’ve said a few times already, no two matches of PUBG have ever felt the same, and that’s a strong compliment that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Here is the bottom line: PUBG does NOT look great, but it’s easy to understand, impossible to master, and always a lot of damn fun.



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