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Nintendo Titles Dropping Soon!

January 11th signals the first of the major releases on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS for 2019, and while we aren’t necessarily getting brand new experiences, these three titles will go a long way in getting the year off to a great start! What’s coming you might ask? Let’s dive in!

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

Initially released on the Nintendo Wii U, NSMBU was a title that quickly gained traction in the system and had a fairly strong attachment rate for owners of the Wii U. But even with that high attachment rate, like all Nintendo Wii U games, that still meant only a small fraction of Nintendo’s audience actually played the game, as a result of poor console sales.

I’ve spoken about this a number of times before, and I’ll say it again: good on Nintendo for brining these great Wii U experiences to Nintendo Switch for a wider audience to enjoy. While inevitably people will complain about the launch price of this game, let’s not forget it includes all the material from the Wii U version, as well as the opportunity to play the game as Toadette!

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Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey

If you’ve never played a Mario and Luigi title you are definitely missing out. These RPG titles are unique in their design and layout, and use Mario and Luigi in ways not otherwise used in RPG experiences. When teaming the brothers together, no one can take them down!

And in this adventure, they bring along unlikely allies around every corner! Who you might ask? I’ll save that for you to figure out on the 11th!

There is added content this time around, so you are not just getting the original relaunched. Bowser Jr’s Journey will have you take control of the villainous child, and will task you with collecting a variety of minions to fight your way through waves of enemies. It’s great fun that will keep you busy for hours!

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Tales of Vesperia

Easily one of the best franchises under the Bandai banner, Tales of Vesperia was previously only available on the Xbox 360 in the west, but now an expanded definitive edition is on the shelf for Nintendo Switch, and other consoles!

This RPG experience is not quite as good as Tales of Symphonia in my opinion – originally launched on Nintendo GameCube – but still a title worth playing, even if you enjoyed the game on the Xbox 360!

Image result for Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Tales of Vesperia is not a title you’ll want to miss, and having it portable on Nintendo Switch will be the way to go!




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