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How to Plan and Script a Gameplay Video

If you’re interested in creating gameplay videos, you should start by coming up with a plan and writing a script for the video. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should set out what you want the video to contain – and provide as many details as possible.

Decide on the Type of Gameplay Video

Before you begin, think about the type of gameplay video that you want to produce. As you’re probably aware there are many different types of gameplay videos out there such as Let’s Play, Speed-run, Walkthrough, Tutorial, Review, Machinima, and First Impression videos.

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The structure of each type of video is slightly different, and so by identifying the type of gameplay video you want to produce – you can plan it better.

Come Up with a Shot List

To start actually planning your video, you should come up with a basic shot list. It will essentially detail a series of the shots that you want to capture and include in your video.

For some gameplay videos that may be easy. For example if you’re creating a Speed-run video of a game level, the list would really just be a single take of the entire game level as you run through it. On the other hand for a Walkthrough video the list would consist of each step that needs to be shown.

In some cases such as for Machinima videos you will need a far more detailed shot list that provides a description of each scene, the camera angle, the subjects in it, and what takes place.

Be sure to make note of any footage that may require special equipment or software. For example if you require the use of a desktop recorder such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio, or need to shoot live action footage.

Script the Audio Commentary

Based on your shot list you can start to add in the audio commentary. Once again the level of detail that you require can vary depending on how impromptu you want it to be.

At very least you should come up with a series of talking points that you feel could help for each shot or for the video as a whole. For Walkthroughs, Tutorials, Reviews, and other types of videos however it can help to write a full script for the audio commentary to give it more structure.

If you are writing a detailed script, be sure to read it out loud so that you can hear what it sounds like. That will help you to make improvements and catch any words or phrases that may cause you to stumble.

Final Words

By this point you should have a decent plan and script of your video. However there are two areas you will want to add: The introduction and the conclusion (i.e. call to action). Both are important, but should be kept brief and direct.

Keep in mind that while your plan and script is a useful guide it isn’t set in stone – and if mid-recording you feel that there is a better shot or way to phrase the script, you should do it.



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