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Far Cry New Dawn Footage Looks Impressive

While Far Cry 5’s Hope County looked incredibly impressive when it was shown off for the first time, you could easily argue that post-apocalyptic Hope County looks even better? It’s brighter, and much more colourful, but don’t let that force you to let your guard down. Hope County has never been so dangerous, and we will all get to figure that out first hand when the game launches in just a short while.

Ubisoft has been hard at working getting this next instalment out to the public, and while this looks and sounds more like an expansion to the Far Cry 5 game – instead of a brand new Far Cry release – that doesn’t make me any less excited to play. Why? I friggen loved Far Cry 5, and my Xbox One X stats proved that fact:

For now, enjoy this amazing content from Best Buy Canada editor Jon Scarr, and be sure to read his article about his recent trip to New York City to play a few hours of the game! 


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