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Lab Zero Games Looking to Bring Dualshock 3 to PS4


Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games are looking for somebody to help them develop a Dualshock 3 driver for PlayStation 4. It seems like Sony have allowed for developers to write drivers for “unsupported USB devices,” presumably allowing for individual title support of things like Rockband instruments, however Lab Zero’s Mike Z is hoping to bring back last-gen’s controller for Skullgirls Encore.

Alrighty everyone, here’s the deal.
There is this article which everyone interprets as “It’s easy for devs to enable Dualshock 3s on PS4”.
Though it phrases things nicely, what it actually means is “Devs can write their own USB drivers for unsupported USB peripherals on PS4”. (I suspected that – if it was as easy as flipping a switch they would just have said “supported”. Don’t get mad at Sony, at least they give us the ability to try.)

Now I’m all for this, and their library looks similar to libusb, but I don’t know anything about writing a driver or polling a device or anything, and it is not a trivial thing to do. Therefore, I’m looking for help!

If you are extremely competent / have written working drivers before, and you understand how the USB DualShock 3 driver for PC works, and you are interested in helping, post here or PM me. Preferably post here.
– We probably can’t pay you because this wasn’t in the budget.
– Even if you are NDA’d I doubt we can provide a devkit, so unless you live close to me a lot of this is going to be guess-and-check.
BUT, since we’re Lab Zero and we’re all about helping games be better:
– If the driver does get completed and function properly, we’re willing to let other developers use it for free if they want it. So in essence, you’re helping all future PS4 games if they have nice developers. (I doubt we can use an open-source driver because proprietary console code, etc, but we can license the end product for free.)

That’s right. If this works out and they manage to find someone to help, Dualshock 3 might just end up making a return on a few more PlayStation 4 titles. This is good news for those of us that don’t want to invest in brand new controllers just as the price is coming down on the PS3 remote.

There are currently several posts from people that would like to help (mostly by getting in touch with friends), but if you have the knowledge to write a Dualshock driver, or if you know somebody who might be willing to work on this, you (or they) could make a huge difference for indie developers going forward.


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