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Cthulhu Saves Christmas Will Be Coming to the Nintendo Switch and PS5 Very Soon

Limited Run Games has announced that they will be publishing a physical and digital version of Cthulhu Saves Christmas for the Nintendo Switch and PS5. The game will be coming out digitally on the Nintendo Switch eshop tomorrow (10/28). The physical version will be available for pre-order on November 6th at Limited Run Games website!


Cthulhu Saves Christmas is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PS5. The rpg was created by Zeboyd Games, who did the wonderful Cosmic Star Heroine. Check out my review of that game.

Limited Run Games describes the game as “Eldritch horror meets holiday spirit”.

Zeboyd Games says that this version will include “a brand-new New Game+ mode. This will also be patched into the PC versions” and that “The New Game+ mode in Cthulhu Saves Christmas can be started right after completing the game. Besides letting you continue R’lyehtionships you didn’t complete in the main game, it also has a few new story events & some powerful new pieces of equipment to discover.”

This game looks so cool. Will you be checking out tomorrow or waiting to pre-order the physical verison on November 6th?


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