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PS4 Launch Title DriveClub Might See A Delay

DriveClub Image

The launch line-up blues continues with Sony’s Playstation 4, this time with their next-gen racing simulation exclusive DriveClub. Yesterday, it was announced that both Watch_Dogs and Ivory Tower’s open-world racing game The Crew would be delayed until Spring 2014, now the rumors are flying around that DriveClub might meet the same fate. 

This all started when gaming site The Same Coin posted a tip from an anonymous source claiming that DriveClub is going to be delayed. Since this initial article was posted, more sources have come out of the woodwork to confirm, including a poster on NeoGAF, and another tipster that spoke with Kotaku. Both Sony and DriveClub developer Evolution Studios have yet to comment, though  design director Paul Rustchynsky did say via Twitter that he’s been out of the office taking care of his new baby and doesn’t have any information to share.  

Treat these rumors as, well, rumors. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it’s clear that something appears to be amiss. Delays are common in the industry, but all of these launch titles getting pushed back until the Spring is a bit odd. We won’t know until more information is revealed, so keep your browser tuned here at Games Reviews for more details on delays, rumors and next-gen news. 


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