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Egg Shaped PS4? – Just what are Sony UK Teasing?

Sony have yet to show off their PS4 console, and it’s causing many to wonder just what the device will look like. That’s why a post on the UK Sony Facebook page is causing a bit of a splash with their followers. The picture shows a red egg-shaped device that looks as much like a chair from an old sci-fi program than it does a games console. This can’t possible be the PlayStation 4, can it? I have to admit,…


Was Moby Dick’s Joakim CGI, made in Fox Engine?

The Phantom Pain interview with Geoff Keighley yesterday has got plenty of people talking. Unfortunately, the grand reveal turned out to be little more than a man in bandages (similar to the man in The Phantom Pain trailer we saw last year) saying that answers were coming. Nothing seemed to be revealed, or was it? The interview no doubt has some sort of purpose. This has let some to believe the man in bandages might be Cliffy B in disguise…


Geoff Keighley to Interview Joakim at Moby Dick Studios

Geoff Keighley is today interviewing the head of Moby Dick Studios. The most impressive thing about this is that the mysterious Joakim Mogren almost certainly doesn’t exist… Keighley tweeted earlier that he was going out to meet the lead on The Phantom Pain, the game that many concluded was actually Metal Gear Solid V. Joakim is, of course, an anagram of Kojima and anybody with even a passing interest in the Metal Gear series recognized references and flat out signs…


PS4 Backwards Compatibility Explained: Why Sony Ditched Offline BC and Why The Cloud is the Future

The big issue for the PlayStation 4 is its lack of offline backwards compatibility. It’s the most often repeated complaint, often followed some variation of the phrase “it’s not a deal breaker, but really Sony should have made more of an effort.”


GDC Study Reveals State of the Industry

Just prior to this year’s Game Developers Conference, researchers for the event polled more than 2,500 North American game developers in order to get an idea of just how the industry is doing. Their results have revealed interesting trends with regards to what platforms are getting the most attention. The most interesting data collected by GDC researchers has to do with what platforms are being worked on. Dedicated handhelds are getting minimal support, with only 4.2% currently working on ...


PlayStation 4 Finally Revealed

In front of millions of people the world over, Sony last night announced their next foray into the world of gaming. The PlayStation 4 boasts an impressive array of social and convenience features