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Xbox Series X sells out in 20 minutes on Amazon UK

Xbox Series X sold out in less than 20 minutes on Amazon UK, with other stores also struggling to meet demand.


Preorders for Microsoft’s most powerful console began at a little after 8am, instantly crashing the Amazon page when it appeared.

Lucky gamers who managed to actually reach the purchase page didn’t have long to buy their device – it was reading “currently unavailable” by 8.20am.

Elsewhere, Smyths and Game were both having issues. The two major retailers were the UK’s All Access shops, meaning they were the only places to get Microsoft’s pay monthly scheme.

But as soon as pre-orders went live, both websites crashed. Game had a login queue of over an hour, while Smyths couldn’t even load its Xbox Series X page.

Game currently has a queue of over an hour just to reach the All Access page.

Currys had over 10,000 people waiting to preorder the console on their website.

It comes just a week after PlayStation 5 sold out in 30 minutes. Sony have since said there will be other chances to preorder.


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