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XBox 360 Game Reviews

7.5 Trials Fusion

blank Read Review Trials Fusion Review

Trials Fusion is the newest title in the physics-defying bike series. In this game, you have to earn medals across a variety of tracks. You earn the medals through completing these stages in a certain time, and ...


6.5 MotoGP 13

blank Read Review MotoGP 13 Review

Motorbike games have always been a part of video gaming culture. Go back to the early days of SEGA and Nintendo and you'll see countless attempts at bringing those two-wheeled speed demons to the digital ...


4.5 Major League Baseball 2K13

blank Read Review Major League Baseball 2K13 Review

Was MLB 2K13 doomed from the start? Up until a few months ago, there was no word from 2K or MLB on a license renewal – and once it finally was announced in late January, it seemed too late for 2K to implement ...


7.5 NHL 2013

nhl2013 Read Review NHL 2013 Review

If you asked me 5 years ago to talk to you about EA sports’ new hockey game I would probably look at you funny and walk away. Hell if you asked EA sports 5 years ago to talk about their new hockey game they would ...


9.0 NBA 2K13

blank Read Review NBA 2K13 Review

Five years ago, the virtual basketball landscape was a completely different place. EA and 2K were locked in a heated competition on both the pro and college levels, both studios known to pump out two quality ...


7.0 WWE ’13

blank Read Review WWE ’13 Review

Wrestling games have a rather long and odd history, especially when it comes to their core audience. The core audience for wrestling games isn’t always fans of wrestling, oddly enough, but just fans of wrestling ...


8.5 Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon Read Review Forza Horizon Review

The end of a console generation is a perfect time for an ambitious spin-off title: most major franchises are either completing trilogies or releasing refined, creatively safe iterations of popular titles. Developed ...