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XBox 360 Game Reviews

8.5 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

blank Read Review Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

It's refreshing to see developers create a different kind of game then what they're typically known for. Starbreeze Studios is famous for their gritty shooters (The Syndicate, The Darkness), so it is a little ...


8.0 Defense Grid

blank Read Review Defense Grid Review

Defense Grid has been around for a few years now, but many gamers have discovered it because it's one of the free games that came with a Gold subscription to Xbox Live. Those who missed their chance to grab it for ...


8.5 BattleBlock Theater

blank Read Review BattleBlock Theater Review

Nearly five years since the release of the smash-hit arcade game Castle Crashers, indie developer The Behemoth has finally released their long-awaited third title, BattleBlock Theather. The game, which has been ...


7.0 Arcadecraft

blank Read Review Arcadecraft Review

There has been a distinct lack of business sims these past few years. While Theme Park and its ilk bring back happy memories for those old enough to remember them, something about the genre has led to it ...