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XBox 360 Game Reviews

8.5 The Walking Dead: 400 Days

blank Read Review The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

At the heart of every Walking Dead story is the disintegration of humanity and the ultimate loss of innocence: when civilization is stripped away, the world turns into a cruel, dark place where death becomes the ...


8.5 BattleBlock Theater

blank Read Review BattleBlock Theater Review

Nearly five years since the release of the smash-hit arcade game Castle Crashers, indie developer The Behemoth has finally released their long-awaited third title, BattleBlock Theather. The game, which has been ...


8.0 Tomb Raider

blank Read Review Tomb Raider Review

Reboots, remakes and reimaginings seem to be all the craze these days. This year we've already seen a different take on Metal Gear, a modernized Devil May Cry and now the highly anticipated reboot of Tomb Raider. ...


4.0 Family Guy Back to Multiverse

blank Read Review Family Guy Back to Multiverse Review

Family Guy is one of the top animations on TV and, whether you love it or hate it, continues to pull in massive numbers. It stands to reason that every so often they’ll push out a game. The first attempt at ...


6.5 Resident Evil 6

blank Read Review Resident Evil 6 Review

Perhaps one of the most controversial games of the last twelve months, Resident Evil 6 split fans and critics right down the middle. While some celebrated the mass return of many of their favourite characters, ...