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Wii U Game Reviews

6.5 Revenant Saga

blank Read Review Revenant Saga Review

Revenant Saga is rpg developer KEMCO's newest game for the Wii U. I played this game and now I can tell you all about it! Is Revenant Saga a good rpg?


2.0 Star Splash: Shattered Star

blank Read Review Star Splash: Shattered Star Review

As we near the end of the Wii U's life, we would hope that any Indie games still coming to eshop would be good. Star Splash: Shattered Star is a brand new game for the Wii U. Is this game any good or is it a Wii U ...


8.5 Radiantflux: Hyperfractal

blank Read Review Radiantflux: Hyperfractal Review

Radiantflux: Hyperfractal for Wii U isn't your typical game. It does contain some typical games, but as a whole package, Radiantflux is very odd. Is this a good odd game or a bad odd game? Please read my review to ...


7.0 Octocopter: Super Sub Squid Escap...

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An octopus and a submarine get stuck together and what happens next may surprise you! The Octopus and the sub work together to get through many mazes and some epic boss fights too. The game is called Octocopter: ...


7.0 Swap Fire

blank Read Review Swap Fire Review

Swap Fire, for the Wii U eshop, isn't your typical first person shooter. When you shoot at someone in Swap Fire, you switch places with that person! Swap Fire is a first person shooter with a small puzzle game ...


9.5 Jotun: Valhalla Edition

blank Read Review Jotun: Valhalla Edition Review

Norse Mythology has gotten a lot of attention in movies, video games, comics, and books. You can barely escape Norse mythology! So a new game with this well-trodden mythology isn’t much of a ...


9.0 3Souls Episode 1: Nelesa

blank Read Review 3Souls Episode 1: Nelesa Review

I’m always disappointed when a Wii U game doesn’t use the gamepad much. We’ve seen a lot of indie games and even some Nintendo games, that only use Off-TV play and nothing else. When a game comes along that has ...


6.5 Buddy And Me: Dream Edition Wii U...

blank Read Review Buddy And Me: Dream Edition Wii U Review

Endless runners are a genre that I have mixed feelings about. Some endless runners, like Wind-Up Knight 2 are good, while others are not so great. Buddy and Me: Dream Edition is a new endless runner that came to the ...


9.5 Tumblestone

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Sometimes, a puzzle game will come along that you’ll just love and keep playing forever. Other times, you’ll play a puzzle game once or twice and move on. Tumblestone is the newest puzzle game to come to the Wii U ...


9.0 Minecraft Wii U Edition

blank Read Review Minecraft Wii U Edition Review

I never thought I’d played Minecraft. I only have a Wii U console and it looked like the game wouldn't be coming to Nintendo's system. And to tell the truth, I was ok with that. I had played the Minecraft clones and ...


6.0 8-Bit Hero

blank Read Review 8-Bit Hero Review

Dungeon crawlers have been around since the dawn of man. Ok, maybe they haven’t been around that long, but they have been around for a long time now. You probably know the drill by now too. Grab a sword, enter a ...


9.5 The Beggar’s Ride

blank Read Review The Beggar’s Ride Review

There are so many puzzle platformers on the Wii U and not all of them are great. The Wii U eshop is packed to the brim with Indie games overall and more of them are coming all of the time. How do we know which ones ...


4.0 The Deer God

blank Read Review The Deer God Review

What happens when a man is changed into a deer? The Deer God, a new game for the Wii U, deals with that very issue. What is it like playing as a deer and is this a good game? Check out my review!


8.5 Asdivine Hearts

blank Read Review Asdivine Hearts Review

There are not very many turn-based rpgs on the Wii U. Though, it seems like we will continue to get more thanks to Indie developers. The newest turn-based rpg, Asdivine Hearts, came to the system recently. I got a ...


8.0 Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Di...

blank Read Review Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Director’s Cut Review

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Director’s Cut is a port of a game that was once on the Dsi. Now the game is on the Wii U and being labeled a Director's Cut. Has the game's visuals been updated? What about its gameplay? Is ...


9.5 Oddworld New ‘N’ Tast...

blank Read Review Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty Review

If you played Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee on the Playstation 1, then you’re familiar with Abe and his wacky world. If you haven’t played that game, then Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty might be your introduction to this ...


5.5 FreezeMe

blank Read Review FreezeMe Review

FreezeMe has been a Wii U title that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile now. It is a 3D platformer on a system where 2D platformers are more plentiful. The game also looks to have good graphics and fun ...


9.5 Level 22

blank Read Review Level 22 Review

You’re name is Gary and you’re very late for work. You could make up some excuse for being late or tell the truth, but instead, you decide to sneak into work. You can’t let anyone see you! Thankfully, your best pal ...


9.0 Yoshi’s Woolly World

blank Read Review Yoshi’s Woolly World Review

It really has been a long time since we have received a really good Yoshi title on any Nintendo platform. It could be argued that the last, really good Yoshi game was the original Yoshi's Island! Nintendo laid out ...


8.5 Splatoon

blank Read Review Splatoon Review

Splatoon is the latest and greatest title by Nintendo to grace the Wii U and boy does it deliver! As we begin our Splatoon campaign we select our character. You select either the boy or girl avatar and then begin ...


6.5 Resident Evil Revelations

blank Read Review Resident Evil Revelations Review

Resident Evil: Revelations was a hit when it came to 3DS ahead of Resident Evil 6 and the controversy surrounding it. A handheld Resident Evil title that seemed to manage to successfully bridge that gap between the ...


5.5 Disney Planes

blank Read Review Disney Planes Review

There's a lot of mixed voices about Disney's Planes, the spin-off from Pixar's 2006 hit Cars. Whether disappointed with the quality of the actual film itself (Planes currently "boasts" a 39 on Metacritic, with a ...


9.0 Disney Infinity

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Like everyone, I looked at Disney Infinity when it was announced and saw only a money grabbing rip-off of Activision's popular Skylanders series. ANOTHER game where I have to buy overpriced toys to unlock some ...


8.5 Batman Arkham City Armored Editio...

blank Read Review Batman Arkham City Armored Edition

When the Wii U was released, it brought with it a handful of ports and "enhanced" editions, partly because they were awesome games and partly because Nintendo wanted to prove that the Wii U was just as capable of ...


8.0 New Super Mario Bros U

blank Read Review New Super Mario Bros U Review

It wouldn't be a Nintendo console launch without SOMETHING for the Mario fans to play. The Wii U has New Super Mario Bros U, and like everything in the New Super Mario Bros series, it's a fun jaunt through the ...