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Vita Game Reviews

8.5 Killzone Mercenary

blank Read Review Killzone Mercenary Review

There have been plenty of attempts to recreate the first-person shooter experience on handheld, many of them either missing the mark or ending in a complete disaster. Well, Sony and Guerrilla Cambridge have aimed to ...


4.0 Resistance Burning Skies

blank Read Review Resistance Burning Skies Review

The Vita, when it was announced, was a machine for FPS games on the go. Although every game benefited from that second stick for camera control, being able to play a shooter without severely hampering the experience ...


9.5 Velocity Ultra

blank Read Review Velocity Ultra Review

Velocity was constantly named one of the best PlayStation Minis and ended up ranked as one of the best games available on PSP. It amazed critics and placed FuturLab firmly as a company to watch, a was the game that ...