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Vita Game Reviews

4.0 Z-Run

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To many people, the Playstation Vita is a system known best for only its Indies and its ports. When I saw the trailer for Vita Indie game Z-Run, I was shocked to find out it wasn't a port from a mobile game. With ...


9.0 Stealth Inc A Clone In the Dark

blank Read Review Stealth Inc A Clone In the Dark Review

Also known as Stealth Bastard, this quirky, charming puzzle/stealth platformer is filled up to the brim with personality. The developers make this incredibly clear through sarcastic, subliminal messages throughout ...


8.5 Coconut Dodge Revitalized

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The original Coconut Dodge, released as a PlayStation Mini in 2010, is one of only a small handful of games that I've rewarded with a 10/10. At a time before FuturLab became the Sony darlings they so deservedly are ...


6.0 Penguin Party

blank Read Review Penguin Party Review

Penguin Party is a new PlayStation Mobile title available on PlayStation certified devices and Vita, and although a lot of core gamers will dismiss it based on its design and content, the child-friendly visuals and ...