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Fort Triumph Review (Xbox Series)

Fort Triumph (Xbox Series)

Release: //2021.08.13
Publisher: All in! Games - CookieByte Entertainment - T
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Fort Triumph is a challenging fantasy turn-based tactics game where permanent death is a possibility at any moment. How’s that for pressure? Lead a band of heroes with different skill sets through a witty, parody fantasy plot. Missions with various objectives are waiting for you on tiled procedural maps—whether in story mode or skirmish, prepare yourself for a grand adventure.

● Utilize your surroundings: Every tree or boulder is a potential weapon in battle.

● Strategize: Choose between four factions and four classes. Build your base, gather resources, and teach your characters new skills!

● Grow your heroes: Gain traits and cross-class skills to make your heroes unique every time you play!

● Explore procedurally generated maps: Fort Triumph features flexible world maps with variable locations and events. Each battle calls for a new plan.

● Turn up the volume: Marco Valerio Antonini, an award-winning composer, created the original in-game music.


At first glance, Fort Triumph may seem like your standard fair of yet another XCOM-like clone. But in Fort Triumph it’s a lot more than that, it brilliantly blends a few different ideas in what unfolds to be a fun, and often funny experience. Sure you have your standard gameplay style with Overwatch, and other mechanics we are all familiar with in turn-based combat games. But Fort Triumph also takes the world and environment into account, not just as a cover mechanic we’ve seen before but also as a combat mechanic. Your mage can cast a spell to knock over a tree onto your opponents, or feel free to kick them into a rock for additional damage. It’s all fair play here.

I was instantly reminded of a Gloomhaven (on PC) like game but a lot more light-hearted. You have 4 different classes of characters to utilize: Paladins, Mages, Ranger, and Savages each with their own mechanics and gameplay style. The game also features four different campaigns to play through featuring Humans, Goblins, Undead, and Forest Utopians. Each campaign features a unique story while players strike out from their fort to fight enemies, collect resources, and take on a rival faction that grows in power alongside their own The fort (hence the name Fort Triumph) is a defendable hub where players construct and upgrade vital buildings and purchase heroes in exchange for Magic and Beetcoins (in-game currency), as well as obtain permanent gameplay buffs with Renown.



The game starts, which I have to applaud as a great tutorial to get you right into the action. It not only shows you some of the standard types of things you would need to learn to play, but it also takes time to teach you some strategies and some of the mechanics that are unique to this gameplay experience. I think it really is a good fit for strategy hardcore and newcomers alike. The game balances skill to be really successful but never leaves you down and out. The game does feature permadeath, but for a hefty cost you can revive your warriors if you choose to, but it might cost you that upgrade you were saving up for, while if you choose you can recruit someone else and save those beetcoins but start with an inexperienced warrior.



All in All Fort Triumph is a great real-time strategy game, with a lot of fun added to it. Much like a Mario X Rabbids type game, the writing is filled with fun and humor during each separate campaign to keep players engaged and enjoying the sometimes brutal gameplay. Slow and steady often wins the race here….rush in and you might find yourself quickly dispatched and retreating back to the fort. The music is top-notch: relaxing, mood-setting and just overall well done. At the price point of only 19.99 (but on sale on Xbox right now for 16.99) this game is a steal!


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