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Mad Max Early Impressions


I’ve only been playing Mad Max for a few hours, but I’ve already noticed a few things that both excite me and make me groan. Within the first few hours, you will know whether or not you will be spending significant time with this title or not. I think I will, although getting over a few hurdles was frustrating for a number of hours.

First off, I know Fallout 4 will be amazing, probably the best wasteland we will ever see this generation. However, Mad Max could definitely be a close second. For a wasteland, the world is beautfiul. The cutscenes will definitly leave you wanting, and questioning whether or not this game will graphically succeed. The trailer is a mirage; while I was disappointed in the cinematic, the actual world is stunning.

The controls will through absolutely everyone off, and at times, they can be frustrating, especially in the vehicles. It is weird aiming with LB instead of Left Trigger, and it is weird shooting with B instead of Right Trigger. And when you are in the vehicle – because of the way I hold the controller – it is hard to accelerate with the Right Trigger, aim a shot with the Left Stick, and shoot with Right Bumper. What is even more frustrating: there is no option for custom controller lay outs!

I will spend much more time with this title, and not only because we have to do a review, but because I am actually enjoying my time with it. Be warned: this game does many things well, but very few things outstanding. It is a game that perhaps tries to combine too much in one package.

Here are a few tips for when you first being to play:

1. Spend time learning the controls. You are bound to quit playing the game if you end up in a heated battle only to find out that Right Trigger does not shoot!

2. Collect all scrap, and complete as many camps as possible. The more camps you complete, the more your allies will automatically drop scrap off for you.

3. Focus on Story Missions for the first few hours. This will help flesh out your menu, give you access to Max’s stats and abilities, and much more.

Stay tuned to Games Reviews for a full review of Mad Max on Xbox One next week.



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