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PS3 Game Reviews

9.0 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

blank Read Review Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review

Cybernet was a video game focussed TV show here in the UK back when the PS2 launched. When they weren't showing and reshowing the opening of Metal Gear Solid 2, they were showing and reshowing clips from Final ...


7.5 Lightning Returns Final Fantasy X...

blank Read Review Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Review

The Final Fantasy XIII franchise has managed to completely split the Final Fantasy fandom down the middle, becoming a punchline for a certain sort of online persona. In the echo chamber, those that are angry shout ...


7.5 Atelier Rorona

blank Read Review Atelier Rorona Review

It's pretty obvious that Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, was created from the get go with multiple playthroughs in mind, but even if you decided only to give the game just one playthrough


7.5 Tales of Xillia

blank Read Review Tales of Xillia Review

These past eight years has seen a great slew of changes in the video game industry. Whether it is the global domination of Call of Duty and Activision’s implementation of a one year release cycle, the integration of ...


8.0 The Walking Dead: A TT Game Serie...

blank Read Review The Walking Dead: A TT Game Series Review

Introduction Zombies. Not only a plague on humanity but also a plague on the entertainment industry. They’ve become pretty popular in recent years. Why? Did it start with the addition of the Zombies mode in ...


8.0 Dragon’s Dogma

blank Read Review Dragon’s Dogma Review

Capcom has several successful series that it tends to stick to the majority of the time; Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, just to name a few. So when the publisher/developer released their brand new IP ...


8.5 Ni No Kuni

blank Read Review Ni No Kuni Review

If this generation of home consoles has been missing anything in particular, I’d have to say that it was missing outstanding quality Japanese RPGs more than anything else. That isn’t to say that there haven’t been ...


9.0 Skyrim

Skyrim Read Review Skyrim Review

Any fantasy-RPG fan knows that if you’re looking for a broad, open-world experience with unprecedented attention to detail and more lore than you can shake an enchanted mace at, then you should look no further than ...