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GRcast – Episode 12

Joe, Mat, and Charles sit down for a chat about some games, followed by an attempted discussion about Android console Ouya. You’ll have to listen if you want to find out what four year old game is better than both The Last of Us AND BioShock Infinite. Then marvel at how the guys can talk about Ouya for all of ten seconds before going on an epic tangent about cloud gaming, getting internet assistance with games, and e-sports! Email the show:[email protected]¬†and follow the crew @Joe_Ryan150, @matgrowcott, and @charlesbattersb



GRCast is a funny gaming podcast hosted by Joe Ryan. He’s joined by a variety of guests each week, professional gamers and video game journalists. For serious discussion on a range of industry problems, hilarious banter and thought-provoking ideas, you can’t miss out on the GRCast.

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