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Monster Hunter Stories Will Be Getting Free Zelda DLC This Month

Monster Hunter Stories came out this month for the 3DS. I played the demo and thought it was good. Adam Roffel played the whole game and enjoyed it. And if you liked it too, then you may be excited about the free DLC that’s coming to the game this month. Check out the video below for the DLC reveal and then please come back for my impressions of it.

The Link outfit in Monster Hunter Stories looks very good. Even better than that though is that you’ll be able to ride around on Epona and have her fight along side you in battle! I love the look of Epona’s attacks and the teamup attack too. Its all so cool.

Oh and your trusty companion in Monster Hunter Stories will get a Majora’s Mask!! This new DLC is definitely something that Zelda fans will love. I’m really starting to wish I had this game.

The best part? All of this DLC will be free and its coming September 28th!


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