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Ever Oasis Is Now Available For Pre-Purchase on the North American 3DS eshop

Ever Oasis is now available for pre-purchase on the North American 3DS eshop! We have a new trailer for the game and my thoughts on it.


Ever Oasis can now be pre-purchased from the 3DS eshop. This means that you can pay for and download the game now but won’t be able to play Ever Oasis until June 23rd when it comes out.

Here is a trailer for the game:

I like how the above trailer gives an overview of the game’s story and also shows off its gameplay. I look forward to learning more about the story since what we see in the trailer is just a tease of it.

Ever Oasis’ gameplay looks like a lot of fun too. I like that you have the other characters that will help you and they each have their own unique power. Ever Oasis looks like a mix of Zelda and Level 5 games like Dark Cloud and Fantasy Life. The game definitely has my attention!

Adam Roffel will be reviewing Ever Oasis for Games Reviews! Please keep an eye out for that.

What do you think of Ever Oasis? Will you be pre-purchasing it from the 3DS eshop or waiting to get the physical copy later this month?


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