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Today’s Nintendo Direct Reveals Spring-Summer (and beyond) Nintendo Lineup

Nintendo of America (and everyone else) had a Nintendo Direct today. What did Nintendo of America show? What did I think of today’s Direct? Let’s dive right into today’s revelations!


Nintendo of America revealed a lot of cool and interesting things today. First of all, we learned that Star Fox Zero has not been delayed. The game has officially gotten an April 22nd release date. Not only that, but a second Star Fox game, Star Fox Guard, was revealed. This new game will be available packaged with Star Fox Zero and you can buy the two games together or separately via the Wii U eshop.

I thought that Star Fox Zero looked really good. It didn’t seem to have changed too much, but I liked how the new levels looked and the overall gameplay looks like a lot of fun. Star Fox Guard is more like a smaller mini-game, but I love the idea of creating your only unique enemy layouts and sharing them online with other people. I’m glad that Nintendo is continuing to let players create their own content. Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will be quite the package when they come out next month!

Nintendo also talked about Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors, both of which are coming out this month. You should definitely check out the Direct for the footage of both games. I love the Zelda series and I’m excited for both games.


The biggest Wii U surprise, though, was Paper Mario Color Splash for the Wii U. A Paper Mario Wii U game has long been rumored for Wii U but I never believed it was actually coming. So I was shocked when this game was shown. I think the game looks fantastic! I’m sure there will be some people who are disappointed that the game is keeping the world map from Sticker Star though. Personally, I think thats fine and I love the new color element to Color Splash. I can’t wait to play this game sometime this year.

We also got updates during the Nintendo Direct for Super Mario Maker and Splatoon! Super Mario Maker will see another update next week and it will bring some new tools to the table. I’m especially excited about the keys and key doors. I can see that they will be used for a lot of unique new levels. I will definitely build one myself. Splatoon, on the other hand, will have some new updates coming soon to adjust how the game plays but there really isn’t anything new level or weapon wise. Thats a shame, but its great that Nintendo is continuing to make sure the game plays well.

There were other Wii U games revealed, such as the Fire Emblem crossover game, but we don’t have time here to cover everything. I’ll refer you to the Nintendo Direct video posted at the end of this article for more Wii U goodness. We have to talk about 3DS now!


Wii U got the largest focus in this video, but there were some cool 3DS games shown. The biggest and most shocking reveal, to me, was Kirby Planet Robobot! At first glance, the game looks like the last Kirby game we saw on 3DS, but then…we see that Kirby can get into robots and fight. The robots can also take on different abilities like Kirby. This new Kirby game looks like a ton of fun. You can play Kirby Planet Robobot when it comes out on June 10th!

Nintendo also finally talked about Metroid Prime Federation Force some more.



Federation Force got a lot of attention with some video focused on gameplay and another on the story. Samus isn’t the main character of this game, but I still think that Federation Force could be a lot of fun. The game looks like it’ll be better on New 3DS though because of the C-Stick. No exact date was given for Metroid Prime Federation Force, but the game is said to be coming late Spring.

I would say that my only disappointment for this Nintendo Direct was that Dragon Quest 7 did not get a release date. Nintendo just said it was coming “later this year”. That leads me to believe that the game won’t be out this summer as previously announced. Thats really disappointing to me. Though, with all these other titles coming out, who knows if I’ll even have time for Dragon Quest. Who am I kidding? I’m sure I’d make time for it! The gameplay footage for it looked amazing. I hope Nintendo won’t wait too long to give us Dragon Quest 7.


Oh and speaking of rpgs, Bravely Second was focused on and that title looks pretty good. If you want an advance look at how the game will be, then you should keep an eye out for March 10th! Why? Because thats when the Bravely Second demo will be coming out. The full game releases on April 15th.

Nintendo also talked about Fire Emblem Fates and focused in on Fire Emblem Revelation. Revelation looks very intriguing. There will also be some separate DLC released this month and it looks good. It’ll be pretty cheaply priced also, which is nice. I hope to get a chance to play Fire Emblem Fates sooner or later.

Finally, there is just one more thing I need to talk about. Nintendo revealed that they will be bringing SNES titles to the New 3DS. You’ll be able to download some SNES titles starting today! Its a shame that these titles will only be available for the New 3DS though. I don’t have that system, so I’m not exactly happy with this announcement. I’m sure New 3DS owners will be excited though. Hey, Earthbound is coming to the New 3DS in the future. That is really amazing.

There were tons of announcements in this Nintendo Direct. If you want the full lowdown on everything shown, you should check out this video:




What did you think of today’s Nintendo Direct? What was your favorite game announced or talked about?


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