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A Fate Filled with Conquest: A Look At Fire Emblem Fates Conquest

I’ve played a few Fire Emblem games in the past and liked them, but I’ve never been addicted to one before. I recently bought Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and I can’t stop playing the game!


I decided to get Fire Emblem Fates Conquest because my dad already had Birthright. I wanted to see what the other path was about and figured I could borrow dad’s copy of Birthright later. I had no idea what Conquest would be about and just how dark Conquest’s storyline would be.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers for those who haven’t played Conquest, but I will say that the hero of Conquest makes a really hard decision. This version of Fates gets super dark and you’ll be wondering if you made the right choice by playing it even. Of course, if you like super dark things, maybe you won’t be wondering!

I had also heard that Conquest is a lot harder than Birthright. And it turns out the game can be hard at times, but since I have the game on Casual and Phoenix modes, I’m definitely not playing the game at the hardest difficulty. I wanted to have fun with Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and didn’t care about torturing myself with a super difficult game. Maybe I should have gotten Birthright instead? I know that I would’ve played Birthright on the same two modes too, so it doesn’t matter. So far, I’m having a ton of fun the game.

Fire Emblem Fates has the same battle system as previous Fire Emblem games and that’s not a bad thing. The battle system is fantastic and even with Phoenix mode enabled, you still have to carefully plan out your moves. The best addition to Fire Emblem with Fates is something totally unexpected though! What is this addition? Its My Castle of course.

In My Castle mode, you create your own “castle”: a sort of mini-town full of shops and whatever else you unlock and want to put in it. You can design the Castle however you like and even put it up on the internet for others to visit. This mode in Fire Emblem Fates is almost Animal Crossing-like. It definitely puts a little bit of Simulation into the strategy rpg experience of Fire Emblem. Creating my own castle is super addictive and sometimes I just play around with that and don’t even fight a battle!

I also like visiting other peoples castles and you can get rewarded for visiting the castles. Plus you can fight other people’s characters too if you want! Oh and back in your own game, there will sometimes be Invasions by CPU characters too. There is so much to do in Fire Emblem Fates and I’m only scratching the surface with this article.

If you love strategy rpgs, then Fire Emblem Fates is a must own. Whether you go with Conquest like I did, Birthright, Revelations, or all three: Fire Emblem Fates is worth checking out!


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