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Happy 20th Anniversary Pokemon!

Today is the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon! Are you celebrating?


Nintendo released three games today on the 3DS eshop. Its a Saturday and usually nothing is released on this day. Today is special though. It is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. The three games that were released are Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow. They were all Gameboy titles. Nintendo has re-released them for the 3DS and included local wireless Pokemon battles and trading!

I’ve never played any of these games. I haven’t played very much of Pokemon at all. It just never seemed like a game I’d be interested in. But there are ton of Pokemon fans out there. I hope they enjoy today and enjoy these titles that Nintendo has put up.

Also, you may watch to check out this Pokemon stream at twitch.

Are you a Pokemon fan? Did you download the Virtual Console titles today?


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