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Witcher DLC Visually Impressive


New screenshots for the latest Witcher DLC hit this week, and they are impressive. Gone are the war torn country sides of Novigrad and Velen. This all new area of Toussaint is alive and well. People are happy, the economy is flowing, the countryside is fairly neat – outside of a few monsters of course – and everyone is living a generally happy life. This is odd, especially for those who spent so many hours truding through the muck and blood of the other regions. However, CD Projekt Red has promised that a dark, dirty secret lies below the lands of Toussaint, and that is something I really look forward too!

What makes this next DLC installment so interesting is how pretty it looks. Anyone who has spent considerable time with the Witcher III: Wild Hunt has to be at least a little intrigued by this new land. Via two high resoultion pictures, the developers have created a lot of intrigue. It is safe to say that what Geralt will experience in Blood and Wine will defeinitly be a unique experience. If you are looking for more Witcher 3 action, this is probably a good bet. For your hard earned dollars you will get a new area to explore, a new story and extra quests, and new loot. Totaly worth it if you ask me!





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