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Harvestella- Launch Trailer

Harvestella, a new game from Square Enix, is out today for the Nintendo Switch. The game is very much “Final Fantasy meets Harvest Moon”. Check out the launch trailer and our thoughts on the game below!

Harvestella is out today for the Nintendo Switch!

In Harvestella, you can farm, fish, raise livestock and fight monsters. Yes, the game is a lot like Rune Factory, but with a touch of Final Fantasy or Bravely Default. The battle system isn’t turn based; its a real time battle system. You have a house and a farm to take care of and get livestock and a fishing rod as you go. We played the demo and liked it! If you want to see if Harvestella is for you, check out the demo now. Progress in the demo does carry over to the full game!

Harvestella is a really beautiful game too. The trailer shows off more areas than what we saw in the demo. It looks like the game gets even more interesting as you progress in it.

Have you tried Harvestella? Will you check out the full game?


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