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Lego Dimensions Ending

There has been rumors of Lego Dimensions being canceled for awhile. It turns out those rumors are true. Lego Dimensions is ending and there will be no new figures made from here on out. We have WB/TT’s official statement below and my thoughts on the announcement.


I was hoping that the rumors of Lego Dimensions ending/cancelation were not true. I haven’t been able to collect a lot of the figures for this game, but I was hoping that there was still a bit more life in it. Its too bad Marvel characters were never added to it. What about Disney characters? Even if those characters were never possible, it would have been cool to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-man, Thundercats or any number of other characters!

I think there was still a lot more room for Lego Dimensions to grow. A Nintendo Switch version of the game would’ve been awesome!¬†Perhaps the figures are not selling as well as they use to? No real reason was given for the series ending.

I guess we’ll always have the other Lego games, but there was something really special about Lego Dimensions. It wasn’t just the figures. The whole idea of having characters from different franchises interacting with each other was cool.

Oh well. I guess¬†I still have a bunch of figures I need to get. I’m sure they’ll be on sale soon.


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