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Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Launches Tomorrow


While The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is not the Zelda game we all really want, there is still lots to get excited about. If you had the chance to play the demo that was released last week, you probably already know whether or not you will be picking this up. Our experiences playing the (limited) demo were incredibly positive, although we have a few reservations. Regardless, Tri Force Heroes will be available tomorrow, October 23rd at retail and online in the Nintendo eShop.

Tri Force heroes has both a single player and multiplayer mode, both of which play very differently. Download play is back again, which means if you have 3 Nintendo 3DS units, you will only need one copy of the game. The game revolves around three different coloured Link characters who will have to work together to solve increasingly complex puzzles. The game is a must own for Zelda and puzzle fans alike!

From Nintendo,

We are constantly transforming our most iconic franchises to give players unique gaming experiences,” said Pierre-Paul Trepanier, Nintendo of Canada’s General Manager and Senior Director. “The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is one of many games launching this year that presents beloved characters in unexpected new game-play settings.

Nintendo has continued its trend of taking classic franchises and giving them unique twists. We really feel at Games Reviews that this one will be received positively by fans. If you are looking for something new to play on your 3DS, and have ample friends ready to battle along side you, than grab your copy of Tri Force Heroes tomorrow! For more on this title, including our own impressions, stay tuned to Games Reviews!


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