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Super Dungeon Tactics Preview

In Super Dungeon Tactics for the Nintendo Switch, the player takes control of a band of heroes who are trying to protect a small village from the creatures that want to destroy it. The game is a strategy rpg in the vain of Disagea or Final Fantasy Tactics. I received a review code for Super Dungeon Tactics and have been playing it a lot. Its a fun game so far, but be warned: its a tough game too.


Super Dungeon Tactics is really good game so far, but its also a really tough game. The battles I’ve fought at the time of this preview are not easy and I’m playing the game on Casual mode.

Super Dungeon Tactics forces you to strategize and take your time. You have to plan out where you want to move your characters. Take a character too far away from the other characters and you risk that person being alone and them dying quickly. Stick too close together though and you’re easy pickings for the enemy.

The bad guys in this game are not stupid. And not all of them are easy (or hard) to beat. Of course, not all of your people are easy to beat either. The player has to be aware of how much HP each of their group has and what their limits are.

Each character has a certain move range and a certain area of attack. There is no time limit on your turn or the battles as a whole. This is a turn-based tactical game. So take your time, look to see where the enemies are and play it smart.

I don’t always do any of this. I’m telling you all this so you’ll do as I say and not as I do. I’ve been taking a lot of stupid risks in this game. A lot of times, most of my group gets killed off and I just barely defeat the enemy.

A more recent battle showed me that I wouldn’t be able to squeak by and needed to take a more careful approach. It was the first time my whole party had died in Super Dungeon Tactics. I will have to redo this battle soon.

Super Dungeon Tactics is an excellent strategy rpg so far. If you love this genre, I’m sure you’re already looking at buying this game. I hope to have a full review next week of Super Dungeon Tactics!

Super Dungeon Tactics is available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop.



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