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More Thoughts From Me #281: Gotta Catch ‘Em All?

When I tell people I don’t like Pokémon, they are a bit surprised. I’m a Nintendo fan.  People think if you’re a fan of the company you probably like all their franchises, especially Pokémon! Who doesn’t like Pokémon? Well, I don’t. Why is that? And what am I thinking about the new games? Read on if you dare!

I’ve tried to get into Pokémon. I played the 3DS demos, I’ve looked at footage, and of course played some non-rpg  games. I reviewed Pokken Tournament for the Wii U and liked it a lot. Yes I’ve never played a full Pokémon rpg. I just don’t want to take the risk.

I should mention that I’m not an anime fan. I can put up with some anime in my rpg, like the Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger artwork is nice, but the Pokémon style anime has never appealed to me.

When Pokémon came out, I was in high school. So I wasn’t the right age for the franchise. I didn’t even know anything about the game until I saw some younger kid playing it on Gameboy one time. Pokémon wasn’t on my radar.

I saw the games more and more over the years. A part of me wanted to like it. I tried the demos on 3DS to see if it would appeal to me. I hoped for a demo of the Sword/Shield but that never happened. So I remain a non-Pokémon fan so far.

And that brings us to the newest entries. The other day, I saw new footage for the ones in November and the one for next year. I thought the footage looked good too! I like the overhead retro look for the one in November. It looks almost old school Zelda (or Earthbound) like. It looks kind of neat. Something might be wrong with me…

As for the one next year, I saw one piece of footage that I thought was especially cool. It was where a character was riding a dolphin-like creature and it jumped and the player shot at a creature. Wow!

Am I turning into a Pokémon fan? Um. I don’t think so. I think you can still not like something and admit when some of it looks cool. I wouldn’t mind trying out the one in November but I’m sure I wouldn’t want to buy the game. It seems like too much of a risk to me.

Still, I’m happy for Pokémon fans. As much as I sometimes talk about not liking the game, I see how much Pokémon fans love the series. I think thats great. I know how that feels because I’m a huge Animal Crossing fan. Thats my Nintendo franchise. Of course, I like other Nintendo games too but AC is the game that I’ll always play. Its the one I can’t stop talking about, much like how Pokémon fans must always talk about Pokémon. Grrr.

Are you a Pokémon fan or are you like me?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The opinions here are mine and mine alone. Everyone else here likes Pokémon. lol


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