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Chicken Wiggle is on sale! Now is the time to buy it for 3DS

I gave Chicken Wiggle on the 3DS a 10 out of 10 in my review. I do not give out 10s lightly. In fact, the only other game I can remember giving a 10 (ever) was Paper Mario: Color Splash. Chicken Wiggle is really that good! And now is the time to buy it if you haven’t.

Chicken Wiggle is now on sale via the 3DS eshop! The sale started today (9-14) and will run through September 28. The game’s usual price is $14.99. It is on sale for $9.99.

In my opinion, $9.99 is a steal for this game. Not only do you get story levels, but there is a level creator and over 400 created levels are currently available to download toohi!┬áBasically, there’s just an endless amount of gameplay in this platformer!

I said in my review that you need Chicken Wiggle in your life and I meant it. Chicken Wiggle is a must own for the 3DS! Go get it now!


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