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Aquadine: A Enchanting Visual Novel Game Review (Xbox)

Aquadine is a beautiful visual novel where most of the story is pretty straightforward and players will have an immersive story experience when playing this game. I was given a chance to check out Aquadine from SoftColors, and I have to say it was really fun playing with it, I knew from the start I will enjoy a good story. My fellow writer Kevin Austin did a great review for the game from his perspective. In my review, we will dive into the city of Aquadine and the characters we will meet.


The Story of Ancient Aquadine

Long ago, a devastating drought occurred which made the land crack, rivers dry and even the well ran dry. As a result, the soil was unusable to grow crops and the livestock began to dwindle in number. This became a major calamity for mankind and without any resources to survive they turn to the sea deity Levis. The god granted their wish but under one condition that merfolk would be allowed to live with them peacefully.

However many decades went by and they did live together peacefully but merfolk was still being discriminated against because they were abnormal. So in response, Levios created an underwater kingdom known as Ancient Auadine to protect the merfolk.  Until it ceases to exist.

Present Day Aquadine

Aquadine is a very special town where it could be the most ideal tourist destination where one could enjoy and embrace the beautiful scenery and culture. A town that is rich with culture but also mythology brings people together from all parts and at the same time becomes the center of the game.

The game focuses on a charming young man with blue, beautiful eyes that almost look like the eye of the ocean. Ciel loves being a Gondolier and he knows his skills are always been appreciated by everyone but he knows that he is nowhere on the same level as someone long ago who is unmatched both in singing, rowing, and making every tourist fall in love with the town of Aquadine. That person is Torrie.

Something to know Ciel was the son of Torrie, and this was his secret identity, his actual name is Robin. He took up this new identity because he wanted to support his family but at the same time didn’t want tourists to know that he was the son of Torrie and tarnish his mother’s name this was his new identity. When Robin’s father passed away a long time ago during a storm at sea, his mother Torrie was providing for the family until she fell ill which prompted Robin to take her place to support the family.

Torrie is also struck with an illness that not a single doctor can understand and that there was no cure for.

One day he was lured by someone who was singing the song that he learned from his mother and this is where he met the mermaid for the first time.

Let’s Meet the Characters:

Each of the main characters that we will meet is unique with their own story, personality, and speech to each. Each character is connected in one way or another and no matter which character path we take each character is a puzzle piece that contributes to that path. Since everyone is connected, players will experience four different narrative character journey that will not only know more about the character but also teaches you a life lesson learning from them, but by completing all four stories you will be able to unlock the true ending of Aquadine.


Ciel (Robin)

Ciel appears to be a handsome and hardworking person working as a gondolier. Almost becoming a role model for everyone and one thing that everyone loves is his amazing singing voice. Ciel is the secret identity and the real name is Robin and is the son of Torrie who once was the most famous Gondoliers a long time ago.


Robin’s cheerful friend has a huge crush on Ciel, like most of the girls. She currently works at a famous cafe with her mother. Diana always seems to put a smile on her face and lives her life every day for the best. Also, she is related to Cameron as a cousin.


Robin’s best friend and one character I love who always got your back. who is really into martial arts and is aiming for the stars in his life. He is that push that a person needs to achieve her goals and do something in their life. He is that person you want in your circle to cheer everyone up and bring a sprinkle of life and encouragement.


Anya is a character that is almost the core center of the group, always gets dragged around by Diana and she is very shy but also adorable. She is someone you think lives in her little bubble where she questions the reason for everything.


A famous singer from a nearby town who recently moved to Aquadine along with her father and butler in the hope to recover from her past life which bought a pause in her singing career. She is a really sweet and caring girl that is lovable by all.


The game doesn’t have much a player has to do but it is more focused on the story that is going on, players will be drawn to a deeper understanding of the story and the many secrets behind it. In the beginning, when Ciel encounters the mermaid for the first time is just the beginning of the mystery and the mermaid also has secrets as well. A lot is going on in the game and the many memorable scenes that will find. Each character has their struggle and goals but in the end, they are all connected. Aquadine is a visual novel game that I enjoy because the more I get into the story and meet each character the more I have questions and want to know what part they have in the town of Aquadine.

Artwork & Sounds of the Game

The game no matter what is visually so beautiful, the artwork not just for each character but the background is amazing. Not only do you get to see the different outfits but also the many expression of each character throughout many scenes. The game looks like you are watching an anime show and you can tell the artist did a fantastic job to create a unique character based on their personality.

Sound is a massive part of any visual novel, and Aquadine does a fantastic job with that, not only there are so many different musical compositions for all the different scenes that the players will visit. The opening menu to the ending credit is a masterpiece, music, and sounds are another language that put us on a rollercoaster of emotions with not just the story but also each character. One thing I always enjoy the most is music because even if I don’t see what is going on, I can tell just by listening to the sound of the game I can know what is happening.

Game Features

  • Four heroine routes
  • Stunning visuals
  • Gallery feature allows players to relive their favorite art and music
  • 25 Songs
  • Partial voice acting
  • Sound preferences
  • Anime influence
  • Impacting story



Aquadine is an immersive visual-novel experience with beautiful characters and a lovely art style. Each character in the game has their own story to tell that leads takes players on an emotional journey to understand themselves but also are all connected in a way that gives unlocks the true story of Aquadine. Follow by an amazing soundtrack that gives a breath of fresh air along with the artwork. I can say everyone will enjoy this game just like I did because once you are curious about something it is hard to get away and that is what secrets to Aquadine is all about.

Aquadine is on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S costing $19.99. It’s also on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. Oh, and PC via Steam too.