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Obsidian Looking for Character Designer on Time Travel MMORPG?


Obsidian have posted an advertisement looking for an experienced character designer for an MMORPG they’re working on. ¬†Although the job description doesn’t give much in the way of information, it does say that the art design is “highly stylized,” so expect something a little unusual. There’s also potential good news for fans of time travel.

From Indeed:

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for talented, self motivated Character Artist to join us in creating content for a highly stylized MMORPG.

Using their expert knowledge of form, proportion, color and design principles the Character Artist will be responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing characters, class outfits, and weapons, for an in-game experience that includes a range of time periods.

A range of time periods? Could this be a time travel MMO, or are they just looking to history for their designs? The former is a pretty exciting idea, and one that I’m amazed hasn’t happened yet.

Obsidian has been involved in the development of Russian MMORPG Skyforge, a sci-fi title in which Gods battle it out. While it looks pretty good, it’s not obviously linked to the position above. It’s possible Obsidian are working on another massively multiplayer project, so far unannounced. Aside from the information above, which doesn’t even specify platform, we’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes of it.


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