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Mutant Road Zero: Road to Eden for Nintendo Switch has previously reviewed Mutant Road Zero: Road to Eden for the Xbox One. Please check out that review! However the game has now arrived on the Nintendo Switch and I am taking a look at that version. How is Mutant Road Zero: Road to Eden on the Switch?


I wasn’t sure if I liked Mutant Road Zero at first. I haven’t played a lot of games like it. I’ve heard of XCom and I played a little bit of Mario + Rabbids, but overall, I’m much more of a Final Fantasy Tactics sort of strategy player than an XCom one. That said, I think Mutant Road Zero is a really good game!

First of all, the concept for the game is  unique and intersting. The Earth is pretty much dead, expect for a band of humans and mutants on a place called the Ark and some nasty creatures that roam around causing trouble. The characters that the player controls are mutants that are sent out to help the Ark settlement survive. At first you just have a human size Duck and a human size pig. Another recruit joins as you continue on your journey. All of this is presented via cutscenes and in-game dialogue. I especially like the cutscenes but the dialogue, while a bit corny at times, is not too bad.

Best of all though? The gameplay in Mutant Road Zero is very good! The combat is as fast or as slow as you want. You can really take your time and plan out your moves or you can rush in head first. Most of the time you’ll want to plan things out, but rushing in works out on occasion. Mutant Road Zero’s battles are not easy overall. The game can be a bit hard. In many ways, this game reminds me of Mario + Rabbids!

So the game’s concept and battles are a lot of fun. Its graphics are not bad but they are a bit muddy in places. The game does have excellent controls though. The only bad thing I can say about the controls is that Mutant Road Zero does not use the touch screen nor motion controls. There’s nothing about this game that screams “Nintendo Switch”. It is a lot of fun to play in handheld mode!

Mutant Road Zero: Road to Eden is a great game. Its concept and its battles will entertain you, especially if you’re a strategy rpg fan. I wouldn’t say that this game is as good as Mario + Rabbids, however if you liked that you game then you should check out Mutant Road Zero. Both are fun and excellent additions to the Nintendo Switch’s library.

Mutant Road Zero: Road to Eden gets an 8.5 out of 10.

A digital copy of this game was provided for this review. Mutant Road Zero: Road to Eden is out on the Nintendo Switch eshop right now.


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