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Forklift Extreme Rolls onto Nintendo Switch

If you told me I would really enjoy a game about a forklift, I’d probably call you crazy. But after spending about 8 hours with Forklift Extreme, trying out the games various modes and trying to 100% each level, I can safely say that games involving forklifts are actually a lot of fun!

In Forklift Extreme, players will manoeuvrer a forklift around a warehouse, placing boxes and pallets of goods on various shelves or onto shipping trucks. There is a catch though.

Each level has a time limit in which it need to be completed, plus a number of additional bonus objectives. Complete within “X” amount of time, complete without hitting anything (pylons, signs, barriers, etc., and collecting F-O-R-K – yes, this is like Donkey Kong’s KONG – within a set amount of time.

Since each level requirement can be done independently of others, finishing a level completely isn’t as difficult as you might think. Finishing a level in a set amount of time can be tough, especially if you are trying ot avoid all the obstacles.

But if you’ve already completed the level and done so without hitting obstacles, there is no need for you to CONTINUE bypassing obstacles. Just run them over within reason, as your goal now is to finish as fast as possible.

The game controls really well, and there was never an issue. It does take a while to fully comprehend how a forklift drives – steering with the rear wheels, which can be tough to control at times – and you also need to be smart with how you position your forks.

For example, in tight corners, while it may seem obvious, raising your forks to sail OVER obstacles severed seemed to be the first thing I would do!

There are also a number of camera angles players can utilize, including a cab view (which I found less than helpful). I think I would have preferred if the game had a free moving camera instead of one built on grid. Still, I completed most levels without touching the camera at all, which is a pretty good feat!


Overall, Forklift Extreme is a really fun puzzle game that offers a lot of gameplay for a very low price. At 13.99 CAD and 9.99 USD, the game is the perfect pick-up-and-play experience.

Remember, you can watch the video in this article and leave a comment to win a copy of the game!


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