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Although Nintendo is quiet at Retail, Summer fun is here!



Although Nintendo has been pretty quiet at retail, they want to remind consumers that there is still plenty going on in the Nintendo Universe. Below is an update from Nintendo – provided by their PR company – on a few of the things happening this summer!

Virtual Console on Wii U

Mario Tennis – The Mushroom Kingdom’s finest hit the court in this wild multiplayer tennis game from Camelot, the talented developers behind the Golden Sun and Mario Golf games. Put some power and spin into your shots to claim victory on your own, or go head to head with up to three friends who also have the game in multiple modes.


Camp Miiverse – Camp Miiverse returns this year! Running now through July 20, Camp Miiverse is a Miiverse-themed summer camp that splits Miiverse into two teams: Team Yoshi vs. Team Toad. Your Camp Miiverse guides, Tom and Amy, will invite you to participate in fun activities for games such as Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Once complete, users can post a screen shot of the finished activity to that game’s community with either a #TeamYoshi or #TeamToad hashtag. Which team will come out on top? Check out the Camp Miiverse community on Miiverse here for continuing updates.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. “Supernatural” Tournament – See how your squad stacks up online in Nintendo’s Public Tournaments. Top players earn unique titles that are visible online and earn major bragging rights with your friends and around the world! The new “Supernatural” tournament runs July 7 through July 12. Opt in via the SpotPass feature for notifications about future tournaments. Good luck, agents!

Also new this week in the eShop:

· Asteroid Quarry (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

· Dare Up Adrenaline (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

· DON’T CRASH (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

· KEYTARI: 8-Bit Music Maker (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

· Land it Rocket (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

· Neon Battle (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

Santa Factory (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)



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