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Wii U Bayonetta Games Will Have Touch Controls


Both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 have been confirmed to be playable with touch controls via the gamepad when they launch on Wii U later this year. During the live stream of the e3 Nintendo Treehouse event, Mr. Hashimoto and Ms. Kuroda from Platinum Games showcased the ability to seamlessly switch between standard and touch controls by simply touching enemies or directions on the gamepad. Various techniques are used, such as swiping across the screen, tapping, and circular motions that all bring a new unique control over Bayonetta.

One of the main draws to this control scheme being released on a console is to try and appeal to the iOS gaming market, as Hashimoto explained. These control schematics are nothing new and are similar to the Marvel and Arkham IOS games. However, having the ability to enjoy this option on my 42’ flat screen is extremely appealing and will most like be used in more games to come. At the moment, only The Wonderful 101 (also by Platinum Games) has used the Gamepad in unique and truly innovative ways. I just hope they never require me to blow on the gamepad again… I’m looking at you Mario. Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 will release exclusively on Wii U this October. For more breaking e3 news check out