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Ubisoft Conference – Our Verdict


Ubisoft is traditionally the least interesting of the four day one conferences, although this year they seem to have turned things around, focusing less on extended musical interludes and more on actual game footage. It could have used about 120% more James Cameron, but other than that, what did our editors think of Ubi’s showing?

Mat Growcott

Assassin’s Creed Unity wasn’t quite as “next-gen” as we’d all hoped, and in fact it looked quite plain when stood alongside Assassin’s Creed 4. Visually impressive, the story is going to have to be pretty strong to take on the brunt of the distraction this time around. Aside from that, the show’s absolute biggest shower was Valient Hearts, which managed to prove yet again that Ubisoft know what they’re doing with their “indie” engine. 

Allison Hill

Ubisoft’s conference started with a bang showing the first few minutes of Farcry 4. Unfortunately, no gameplay was shown, but crazy personalities are still very present. Then we got to see Just Dance 2015 which wasn’t really exciting but Just Dance Now was pretty innovative. Using any mobile device, you can join in on a game and there is no limit to how many can play. I’ll probably never use it, but it was still interesting. We got another trailer for The Division which showed the onset of the virus and how it affected the city. Sadly, no new details were given. The Crew bragged about its coast to coast loading-free map and online interactions. We get to see a different part of Assassin’s Creed: Unity than this morning at Microsoft’s conference, but the most interesting part was seeing him take a side quest while he’s in the middle of another quest. Shape Up, a new fitness game, seemed alright. Valiant Hearts: The Great War looks like a very interesting new IP complete with sad stories about the war and a cute dog. Then, Ubisoft ending their conference with a bang as well. They announced and showed gameplay for Rainbow Six: Siege, a new 5 vs 5 multiplayer experience. I have to say, it wasn’t the most exciting conference, but it was much better than I expected.

Todd Awbrey

I found Ubisoft to be a mixed bag. Far Cry 4 looks really interesting and the demo of Assassin’s Creed Unity looked incredible. The Division’s story trailer was beautiful. Almost gave me a Last of Us vibe. Closing the show with Rainbow Six Siege was awesome. Love the destructible environments and the tension of the 5v5 gameplay with gadgets. The Crew didn’t show me anything that makes me want to play it. 

I can’t wait to play Valiant Hearts but just a trailer for a game coming out in a month was odd. Also, very strange that they would spend so much time on Shape Up and Just Dance 2015. There was no need to have a push up contest and a group dance off to Lady Gaga. But that is par for the course with Ubisoft. They are always different and their press conferences have drastic changes in tone. This was no different.

Rob Heek

Ubisoft had some great titles this year.

Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 4, The Crew and Rainbow Six Siege were all displayed at E3 and they looked quite fabulous.
Of course there were also some Kinect titles, Just Dance and Shape Up (supposed to make fitness more fun, if possible). 
The Crew is still my number one anticipated game from Ubisoft right now, can’t wait to play it.

Adam Roffel

Ubisoft did well at E3 2014, although like previous years, what they have shown on stage will almost never match what will actually appear within the games. Regardless, it was awesome to see a new Rainbow Six. I’ve never been a huge shooter fan, but always enjoyed Rainbox Six Vegas, especially playing with a friend!

Unity showed off a detailed trailer, although, as my upcoming opinion piece states, I’m unsure of what Assassins Creed we will be getting. I’m not sold that this won’t be a regression to early AC titles. The Crew might be the racing game I decide to pick up. I wonder if the expansiveness of the game will ultimately ruin the game play. Only time will tell. Those were a few highlights for me, but this is not to say that I’m not interested in the other things Ubisoft showed off. This is, and continues to be, one of my favorite game studios! They bring it year after year.


Tony Chavez

Ubisofts conference had a lot to offer with assasins creed, the division, the crew and valiant hearts. Unfortunately it also offered only one noteworthy surprise in the form of rainbow six: siege. The absence of beyond good and evil two and the inclusion of casual experiences like get fit only further cement ubisofts conference as the least noteworthy of the day so far.

John Clements

Ubisoft is good at doing two things: providing the content that people want and pushing the medium of gaming in new and unimaginable ways. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is an interesting idea that meshes Child of Light like fairytale aesthetics with real-world war letters and images. The Division trailer was remarkably captivating and was probably one of the most amazing video game trailers I have seen. None of these games were necessarily shocking or jaw dropping and were all expected to be on display. Everything from Farcry 4 to The Crew and Assassins Creed Unity to Rainbow Six were entertaining and welcomed in the realm of current gen. 



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