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Batman Arkham Knight Early Impressions

The Batman games have evolved over time, and each has built on the last. In the final installment, Batman Arkham Knight, the developers over at Rocksteady Studios really brought their A game to this final installment, and it clicks on all levels.


The number one problem with this game around the internet – outside the PC issues – has been the inclusion of tanks and the over reliance on the use of the Batmobile. Would I like less tanks? Sure. Would I like to use the Batmobile less? Sure. But neither poses a real problem to the overall game play. These issues are purely being pointed out to rob this title of a perfect, or near perfect, score. If this is the worst Batman Arkham Knight has to offer, then everyone should be signing up to play this title.

The combat is great. The improvements over past systems are very evident, and it is obvious that Rocksteady Studios wanted to create the best hand-to-hand combat currently available in video games. The open world feels vibrant, and moving through it is seamless. With 12 hours of campaign game play, and another twelve hours of side quests, Batman Arkham Knight finds the perfect balance between length and enjoyment that will make this title not overstay it’s welcome.

We will have more, including a full review, in a few days. Until then, based on a few hours of playing, Batman Arkham Knight is an instant pickup for Batman fans.



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