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More Thoughts From Me #171: My Horrible Nintendo E3 2019 Predictions

I don’t want any of the following predictions to actually happen. I would be very upset if they happened. So why am writing this? Why post horrible predictions like this? Because every year I try to predict Nintendo and I’m wrong. So this year, boy do I hope I’m wrong, but this could be Nintendo’s E3 2019…


It is June 11th at 11am central time. Nintendo E3 2019 is about to start…

The Switch logo appears. Nintendo shows off Nintendo Switch Sports, a sequel to Wii Sports. The Mii characters are back. The game looks very similar to Wii Sports, with only minor HD upgrades. Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, and Golf return. The new additions are Soccer, Aerobics, and Dance. A Switch balance board is unveiled at the end of this reveal. 2020 release date.

Doug Bowser appears. He gives more details on Nintendo Switch Sports.

Then a trailer for Brain Age Switch is shown. Early 2020 release date.

Next up is an extended look at Fire Emblem Three Houses, with the developers of the game talking about it.

After that, a quick look at two new games and some DLC: Switch Music, a new Just Dance, and Super Mario Party DLC.

Then we get an extended look at Luigi’s Mansion with an October 2019 release date.

The two new Pokemon games are shown with a November 2020 release date.

A third party sizzle reel reveals ports of old PS2 and PS3 games. Some exciting, some not.

The Direct ends with with a new look at Link’s Awakening for Switch.

Animal Crossing Switch is not shown. Sometime after the Direct, Nintendo admits via twitter that the game has been delayed till 2020.

Nintendo Treehouse Day 1 shows off more of Switch Sports, Switch Music, Just Dance, and some third party games like Dragon Quest 11 S and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Day 2 shows off Link’s Awakening first and ends with more Switch Sports. As it turns out, Switch sports is the main game that Nintendo is focusing on this year. Their booth is even sports related.

Day 3 shows off more Super Mario Maker 2 and repeats a lot of the same games we saw in the previous days.

The reception to this E3 is so bad that there are rumors that Nintendo is begging Reggie to come back to work for Nintendo of America. He keeps saying no.

Its not Doug Bowser’s fault though. Nintendo of Japan just wasn’t prepared for E3 2019.

And that is how bad E3 2019 could be. Please let me be wrong about this!

Next week: My horrible Xbox E3 2019 Predictions!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. If they really delay Animal Crossing Switch and don’t even show it, I will be devastated.


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